First National Convention of the Descendants Group   
 Honoring the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor

The first national convention of the “Descendants Group, an Auxiliary of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor" was held in Reno, NV on April 7-11, 2010. 

More than 220 people, including 35 former POWs, attended the convention. They had plenty of opportunities to listen to former POWs, their wives and their widows in informal groups. They learned basic skill for POW research from Ms. Caroline Burkhart.  The DG gave a plaque of appreciation to Mr. Roger Mansell of Center for Research Allied POWs Under the Japanese   There was an art exhibit of Mr. Ben Steele, whose POW experience was told in the recent book, Tears in the Darkness, written by Elizabeth and Michael Norman.  DG’s board members reported their past and future activities to keep the history and memory of POWs of the Japanese alive. Ms. Mary Kay Wallace made a presentation on the progress on the planned ADBC museum in West Virginia. The former POWs who had passed away since the last ADBC convention were remembered. Documentary films on the POWs of the Japanese, including the one produced by DG President Ms. Jan Thompson, were shown. The Normans gave their keynote speech during the last day’s banquette.

Convention in 2011 will be held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on June 21-26.

Here are some of the highlights of the convention:

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sharing POW experiences



Sharing wives' tales

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DG Board members reporting their activities

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 Nights are long since you went away.
I think about you all through the day,
My buddy, my buddy,
Nobody quite so true.

Miss your voice, the touch of your hand
Just long to know that you understand,
My buddy, my buddy,
Your buddy misses you.





Elizabeth & Michael Norman giving their keynote speech
More about their Tears in the Darkness


Former POWs of the Japanese, 65 years after their liberation
(photo courtesy of Mr.
Dan Traub)

Photos with * mark are courtesy of Mr. Robert Hudson.

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