US-Japan Dialogue on POWs


Kinue Tokudome, Executive Director

Ms. Tokudome is a Japanese writer and the author of Courage to Remember. Her many articles on American POWs of the Japanese have appeared in publications in both Japan and the U.S.  She is the founder of US-JAPAN DIALOGUE ON POWS.

Lester I. Tenney
Former POW,  Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University

Dr. Tenney is a survivor of the Bataan Death March and three years of slave labor in Japan. He is the author of My Hitch in Hell. His POW story has been featured in many articles both in the U.S. and Japan. He frequently visits Japan where he enjoys speaking to young people. 

Donald L. Versaw
Former POW,  Master Sergeant USMC (Ret.)

Mr. Versaw became a POW after the fall of Corregidor. He was transported to Japan and forced to work in a coalmine until the end of WWII. He served in the Korean War. He is the author of Mikado no Kyaku (Guest of the Emperor) and The Last China Band.  (He passed away on June 21, 2014.)

Clay K. Perkins
Retired Physicist

Mr. Perkins was an aerospace physicist, rancher, and shopping center developer.  He is an avid student of history and owns a major World War II artifact collection.

  Tokyo Representative

Yuka Ibuki
Retired High School Teacher

Ms. Ibuki is one of the translators of the Japanese version of Dr. Lester Tenney's My Hitch in Hell. She often attends to former POWs and their families when they visit Japan in coordination with POW Research Network Japan.

   Advisors and Supporters