Foreign Minister apologized to former American POWs

On October 17, Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba met with seven American former WWII POWs of the Japanese at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Minister stated, “I am hoping that heartfelt reconciliation will be promoted through this kind of opportunity. I again offer a heartfelt apology for the sufferings you went through.”

Last year, the Japanese government officially invited a group of American former POWs for the first time as part of the Japan-US friendship program. This is the second visit. Mr. Robert Vogler, who survived the Bataan Death March, praised the program and told Foreign Minister, “That the Japanese government is offering this program is wonderful.”

The seven former POWs later visited the Prime Minister’s office and met with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Tsuyoshi Saito. Mr. Saito offered a similar apology.

(Jiji Press October 17, 2011)