Ms. Linda McDavitt's trip to Omine-Machi

On April 14, 2012,  Ms. Linda McDavitt visited the former site of Omine-Machi POW camp (Hiroshima 6-B) where her father, Captain Jerome McDavitt, had been held during WWII. Kinue Tokudome and Yuka Ibuki of US-Japan Dialogue on POWs accompanied Linda.

Almost 300 American POWs were held here and most of them were forced to work in a nearby coalmine. 

In 1996, a group of local people built a memorial to remember that history.

The Memorial has an inscription in both Japanese and English. The English version reads as follows.

In World War II, 184 British soldiers in 1942 and 288 American ones in 1943 were taken to Shiraiwa as the prisoners of war and worked as the coal miners. When the war ended on August 15, 1945, they returned to their own countries. But some of them died from illness.

We record the fact here, wishing eternal peace never to repeat such a tragedy as this.

                                            From the war experienced witnesses in Mine and                                             The corporation of Mine Board of Education   
2, 9. 1996 

      Linda reads the inscription                                       Linda and Rev. Hazama      

       With the local group who built the memorial

On April 15, Ube Kosan, the company that owned the coalmine during WWII, offered a guided tour of the company and surrounding area where three more POW camps were said to be located.      

being welcomed by Ube Kosan

Mainichi Shimbun article on Linda's visit.