My Trip to Japan 

Lora Cummins

The entire trip was awesome!  It was the trip of my Life Time!  No one could make it any better.  From the British Commonwealth War Cemetery to the very last departure from the Airport was a real treat. 

One of the highlights that will always standout in my memory was Mukaishima P.O.W. Camp, primarily because my husband, Ferron E. Cummins, spent his last year of imprisonment at that camp.  The people of the community and the surrounding area have so tastefully, and beautifully, memorialized the site.  Taking a parking lot, that could be such a mundane thing, and adding the two columns, one for the British and one for the American Servicemen, as a most fitting and appropriate memorial.  And the singing of Amazing Grace during our brief time there.  I must not forget the Mukaishima Chuo Elementary School students, all 412 of them, who sang so beautifully for us.

The meeting with Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and his heartfelt apology for the inhumane treatment and the suffering experienced by the men during WWII as POWs of the Japanese.  The time at Temple University was equally priceless.  All in all, everything was perfect.