Former POWs remember and depict their experiences

Mr. Ben Steele was a POW of the Japanese during WWII who survived the Bataan Death March and three years of forced labor. Mr. Sakue Yuzaki was also a POW/Internee of the Soviet Union after WWII who survived three years of forced labor in Siberia.  Both of them created many art works depicting their POW experiences.

 Mr. Steele                                                                              Mr. Yuzaki


      Burial of a fallen comrade in the Philippines 



                                              Burial of a fallen comrade in Siberia

                                                       forced labor in Kyushu

                                                       forced labor in Siberia

Mr. Shizuo Yamashita also depicted his days in Siberia as a forced laborer.



                                      Mr. Yamashita in front of many of his sketches


  These art works are so honest and trying to say something...
                            --- Ben Steele on paintings and sketches by Siberian forced laborers.

 More about Siberian forced labor "Letter to my American Friends" by Koichi Ikeda